By Nicole Amato

STOP thinking that you can’t pull off that fashion forward style you admire in others!  Dress for the style you aspire to have and you WILL rise to the occasion if you stick with it. Don’t be afraid to take risks with fashion as that’s where the magic happens.

Your personal style is your billboard presentation to the World. It is the first and a lasting impression that people have of you.  When you look neat and pulled together, that is the impression that others will take away from your encounter. This is not to say that your appearance is the most important characteristic of you, but, it is one very important factor that will shape the overall impression you make on others. A strong style conveys confidence.  When you feel good about yourself and the way you look, the confidence you feel will come across as well!

In these times when being “dressed up” seems like a notion from the past and more emphasis is placed on being comfortable and casual, it  might seem like the relevance of personal style is on its way out. This may be true for some, but, is it true for you?  The answer is, “it is completely up to YOU.” 

One of the most important secrets to an effective personal style is authenticity.  In order to have a signature style, you must be true to who you are. You should not feel locked into any direction or “look” defined by others.  When putting pieces together, embrace the freedom to experiment. Enjoy the possibilities by mixing it up, feeling free to “create.”  For example, you can mix the influences of little Jackie O, with a little Billie Eilish or a little Ralph Lauren with a little Iris Apfel.  There are no hard and fast rules.  Remember; personal style is not about copying a style icon.  It is about the inspiration that you derive from all that you see.  When it comes to your personal style, the canvas is blank and you are the artist!

Accessories are the absolute best tool for developing and demonstrating your personal style.  Think about it. Just wearing a dress or suit alone, designed by another, is not YOUR personal style.  It is the style of that designer.  It may be your taste, but it does not have your signature on it.  When you take that same garment and you combine it with a certain bag, and another certain bracelet, necklace and/or pair of shoes, your choices will undoubtedly start to demonstrate YOU coming through.


  1. Start by shopping your closet.  Let yourself explore by mixing your favorite clothes and accessories that you already have. 
  2. Reinvent your existing pieces by mixing them with new pieces. 
  3. BE BRAVE.  Do not be afraid to TAKE RISKS WITH YOUR FASHION. Curate your collection with pieces that you don’t see on everyone coming and going.  Make your look all YOU.  What other people are wearing or not wearing IS NOT RELEVANT.  
  4. Run free and go for it.  Get in that closet and have a ball! 
  5. Post pictures of your looks on Instagram and PLEASE tag me @AMATOSTYLE so I can see your wonderful style as it continues to unfold!  I cannot wait to see what your unbridled inspiration creates!  

If we can help to add to your direction in any way, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help you add some new pieces and layers to your new looks. Be sure to join our membership for exclusive discount status and news regarding new blog posts, new pieces, events and sales.

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